Get and Learn to Write Professional Sales Letters to Make More Money by Selling More!

Get and Learn to Write Professional Sales Letters to Make More Money by Selling More! by J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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Who makes the most sales of their product?
The person with the best product?
The person with the best sales letter?

If you said, the person with the best sales letter sells the most, you just took one step ahead of your competitor!
Now, what have you done about it!?

Professional Sales Letters for:


Email Campaigns

Postal Letters

Aloha fellow business friends,

My name is Rick Kirkham. I’m a

Dual certified teacher

Expert in behavior modification

30+ year commission sales veteran

Published writer

We all have our talents. Whatever your product is happens to be your talent. Your talent may NOT be, however, the ability to sell your product with good sales copy. Remember, just because you feel people cannot do without your product or service, doesn’t mean you have the ability to help your prospective prospective buyer feel the same way..

My talent, is sales and sales psychology. One word in an entire paragraph could make the difference between a sale and the negative press from ticking someone off big time! It’s my job, working for you, to find those words and fit them into an interest creating funnel leading to sales of your product or service.

For example:

Did you know children and adults react the same way to the same stimuli? That’s why car salespeople hand you a shiny pen and not just a plastic pen. Our child in us want to reach for the shiny object?!

Simple almost subconscious word-cues, whether written or stated aloud, could tip the scales enough to get you that much needed sale!

Did you know that people buy based on emotion and later on figure out logical reasons why they bought?!

These simple examples are just the tip of the iceberg!

All Sales Formats Are Welcome!

I’ve written sales pitches for:

Email campaigns


Postal letters



Rich did a great job! A lot of integrity and great to communicate with.

good communication.. quick delivery.. thank you very much…

Great Job. Seller was professional and courteous. Will order again. Thanks again

Great Letter, amazing communication, will definitely be using your services again soon. Oh and thank you for the sales

advice, I’m working on new material now!


Good job. Very fast and professional in communication. I will make him busy with more jobs!

Just perfect and overdelivered.

In addition to the fast delivery of great sales letter, came up with a brilliant idea for my business. Highly


Great job all round, really brought something fresh and unique to the project by giving it a new perspective. Keep up

the great work.

Rick’s work surpassed my expectations, will definitely work with him again.

Rick did a fantastic job on my project, I’m extremely happy with the end result, he went over and above and exceeded my

expectations. Great job.

I am an expert in Sales but what Rick taught me was fantastic..small little things that I didn’t see……Thanks a lot

Rick…I already appreciate your guidance.

Terrific work and very fast and professional. Would use again in a heartbeat !

This.Letter.Is.Perfect. *Perfect* It is so simple, why I can’t write such beautiful simplicity, I don’t know. You’re

the best! *Thank you* for helping me to clarify the intent and audience of the letter! I’ll definitely work with you again!

Great work, fast responses, very professional will order again

I’m Now Available for a Limited Number of Clientèle

If I took all the requests I received, I would not even have time to write my own sales letters, let alone do my best work for my clientèle’s. Therefore for a limited amount of time I’m accepting new clients.

To help you increase your sales, I will

Create a sales letter from scratch, text only and basic formatting for half the normal cost of professionals in my field. For a limited time I will create a letter for you for any format for an investment in your business of only $1194.95.

Edit your sales letter and tweak it to increase your sales. I was once hired by a person who did professional sales letters for a living and found a glaring error in his pitch which would have cost him sales. For editing your sales letter you will need an investment in your business of only $195.00

When I first started my own business, Money was so tight that I even had to think of the $5.00 I gave my son for lunch as less money with which to pay bills. Not that I would ever deny my son.

I want to be able to help everyone trying to improve their business on a shoestring budget. Thus, I am releasing my ebook How I Write Professional Sales Letters.

This money generating how to book contains:

* Examples of sales letters from all types of clients
* Explanations as to how I wrote each part to funnel a prospect into the sale
* Explanations of the sales-psychology I utilized in each sales letter example
* The final piece to the puzzle, is a technique I use personally to get inside my prospect’s head. To determine a reaction to the smallest phrase before the prospect even reacts to it.

For my instant downloadable ebook How I Write Professional Sales Letters, you will need to invest $49.00 into your business.

Final Thought

I wish you luck in your business ventures. A final piece of advice I’ll leave you with is this:

When your neighbor, relative or friend begins acting negative about you being in business, you know who I’m talking about, ask him or her where he or she sees himself or herself in five years and always remember where you want to be in five years.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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Resume Letter Tip

Resume Letter Tip

I recently gave one of my computer clients some resume introduction letter tips gratis that I thought I would share with you.

As in all business, you, as the job seeker, want as much leverage as possible.

You want to demonstrate that what you have to offer the company for which you wish to work has greater value than what they can offer you.

In other words, demonstrate that they need you, more than you need them.


Don’t Be Offensive


I can already see people screwing up their resume introduction letters by taking this advice to the extreme. It’s a gentle balance and should really be done by a professional whose had sales experience such as myself.


My client’s letter included;

“I hope to hear from you so we can go over my qualifications.”


I had her change that to;


“I look forward to hearing from you  so we can discuss how my skills will add to your company.”


Let’s Analyze Just This Statement


“I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss how my skills will add to your company.”

A soft-sell or suggestive sell stating the employer will call you.

A statement stating my client has something to contribute to the company.


This offers my client the leverage needed to stand-out amongst the pile of resumes the employer will receive.


Another Change I Had My Client Make


“I am a team player”

90% of us are team players. 10% of us our wealthy.

I had my client change this to


“I am a good team player and team leader”

Leadership skills are important for any position which offers a chance to move up in the company. Even if the company is not looking for a team leader a leader is self-motivating and follows directions to achieve company and personal goals as well as thinks for himself/herself.


Consider Having Me Tweak Your Resume Letter for You

The small fee is the same fee I charge for editing sales letters, which is exactly what your resume introduction letter is – A SALES LETTER!


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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